Market transferred to Daventry Town Council

Daventry Market has been transferred from Daventry District Council (DDC) to Daventry Town Council (DTC).

The transfer of the Market was confirmed on Friday and is the first of a number of DDC assets and services which could pass to the Town Council in the coming months.

Welton Road Cemetery is also due to be taken on by DTC, while other assets could be transferred if Parliament approves the reorganisation of local government in Northamptonshire.

These include public open spaces and play areas (including the New Street Recreation Ground) and responsibility for maintaining the Holy Cross churchyard, roadside verges in the town and the Mulberry Place public square once it is developed.

District councillors approved the transfers in principle following a request by DTC, though they are subject to further agreement being reached between the two councils. Many of the assets and services on the table are typically run by parish councils in other areas of the District.

Daventry has had a market for around seven hundred years, selling everything from local produce, to horses, livestock and cattle.

Today it typically features ten or so stalls in High Street every Tuesday and Friday, including plants, fruit and veg, baked goods, a butcher, household goods, fabrics, clothing, watch repairs and more.

Ian Vincent, Chief Executive of Daventry District Council, said: “Daventry has had a market since medieval times, and this Council has been a proud custodian of that tradition. However with the prospect of local government reorganisation in Northamptonshire, it was felt important for services such as the market to continue to be managed locally. We’re pleased to pass on this mantle to Daventry Town Council.”

Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer at Daventry Town Council, said: “Daventry Town Council is investing in its local community and by encouraging people to shop local and shop healthy it aims to preserve a tradition that makes Daventry Town a great place to live, work and visit.”